Warwick Fabrics New Fabrics Release

Warwick Fabrics New Fabrics Release

In their quest to continually strive to stay market leaders, Warwick Fabrics new fabrics release is appealing to a contemporary audience.

Their Plaza Range exemplifies that. As Warwick Fabrics state, ‘A soft, cut velvet texture in a vast array of bold colourways, Plaza is an alluring and luxurious collection that features transitional art deco inspired geometrics.’

Where to Use this New Fabric

This fabric would be ideal for vintage furniture from renown furniture makers such as Rosenstengel and Bell Brothers. These grand lounge suites, feature chairs and dining chairs could be given a contemporary look. A modern, edgy fabric pattern will contrast well with solid timber and even ornate detailing.

Even furniture from the likes of Parker, Chiswell or Moran could be re-imagined into more of an Art Deco style. Just because a piece of furniture was upholstered in fabric to give a certain look doesn’t mean it is branded with that look for its entire life.

A Chesterfield would be an ideal candidate for the Plaza range of fabrics.

By reupholstering in this contemporary fabric, these classic furniture pieces and styles are continuing to be relevant in the modern decor.

Contact for Upholstery Quote Brisbane

If you live anywhere across Brisbane, please contact us today for an upholstery quote to give your furniture a contemporary look in Warwick Fabrics new fabrics release.

Many clients reach out to via our website where, at your convenience you can upload some photos of your furniture and your contact details and we will contact you during business hours to discuss the quote.

This makes things so quick and easy for you.

Of course, please feel free to call us on 0474 054 663 to discuss your upholstery work or to request an in-home quote.