Warwick Fabrics Harmony Chair

Warwick Fabrics, ‘Harmony’ on Armchair, Ottoman

This lovely scene of Warwick Fabrics, ‘Harmony’ on Armchair, Ottoman and Cushion say comfort with elegance. This cool elegance of soft blue/green with the beige perfectly suit our climate where light colours look refreshing. This setting highlights that you don’t have to be limited to one fabric pattern or colour on your armchair. Add a small cushion and you have a dash of floral! Just gorgeous.

If you would like to have your armchair and ottoman reupholstered in a quality Warwick Fabric, please call during business hours on 0474 054 663 to organise a quote. Alternatively, you can contact us via our website anytime convenient for you to request a quote.

Warwick Fabrics, ‘Harmony’ on the Ottoman
Warwick Fabrics, ‘Harmony’ on the Armchair and Cushion.