Vintage Lounge Suite

Vintage Lounge Suite…Now Modern

Vintage Lounge Suite… modern! This stunning lounge suite was reupholstered and the timber elements were re-polished as well. What once looked old and outdated is now on trend. With new foam as well as new upholstery, this gorgeous lounge has another 20+ years of life in her!

The lounge suite was structurally sound and had been very well made in its day so it was well worth restoring. The classic style with timber elements makes it unique.

Perhaps you may be wondering how your vintage suite could even be brought back to life. That’s where we can help. We can provide guidance on fabric selection to suit your style. This will make the process of re-upholstery seamless and achieve a stunning result.

If you would like a quote to have your vintage lounge suite restored please Contact Us today.

Armchair upholstery with the wow factor.
Armchair upholstery with the wow factor.