Stylish Dining Chair Upholstery

Stylish Dining Chair Upholstery

It was a pleasure to work with our client to see her create the look she wanted to achieve with her stylish dining chair upholstery. The chair seats were upholstered in black velvet with gold and cream pattern on the seat back while the back of the chair was upholstered in black regency stripe. The look was completed with many …

Dining Chair Upholstery Brisbane

Dining Chair Upholstery

Dining chair upholstery going the extra mile. We had an interesting situation where our client has a residence in Brisbane but he is currently working out of Singapore. His love interest lives in San Francisco and she is waiting for a visa to come to Australia. Our client had made a fabric choice for his dining chairs and was thinking …

dining chair mandall upholstery

Unique Dining Chairs

Our client had some unique dining chairs that she wanted updated from the velvet seating to the new fresh look of a beige and white print.