Outdoor Furniture Re-Upholstery

Outdoor Furniture Re-upholstery

We are fortunate to have a climate so conducive to outdoor living. Modern living sees indoor/outdoor become one large open space. Our outdoor area needs complimentary decor to unify the space. So your outdoor furniture may need re-upholstery.

Warwick Fabrics, aptly named ‘Bondi’ collection have this nailed. It’s colourful, bright and fresh. Perfect poolside or fabulous big deck or undercover area. The Bondi collection is part of the Sundec range of fabrics specifically created for outdoor use: poolside seating, sun lounges, chairs, cushions.

Another important point. For all of our outdoor furniture re-upholstery, we use quick dry foam. The same quality foam we use in marine applications.

If you would like a quote for outdoor furniture re-upholstery in ‘Bondi’ please call today on 3325 4714. Also, you are welcome to contact us via our website where you can upload photos of your furniture and enter some details. From this, we can provide you a quote. So easy and next to no time involved. You can do this any time that suits you.