Ottoman Reupholstery

Ottoman Reupholstery

In considering an ottoman reupholstery, it is worth noting it is going to be experiencing a lot of ‘foot traffic’. So you will be thinking, ‘I need to get a fairly durable fabric.’

What one of our clients opted to do was to select an outdoor fabric. She selected Warwick Fabrics, ‘Lomani‘. This grade of fabric has a higher durability rating but you’re not sacrificing style or comfort. There are 45 colour options from which to choose.

If you need an ottoman reupholstery, please call 3325 4714 to request a quote. You are most welcome to submit a quote request online. This can be made any time convenient to you. Simply upload a couple of photos of your ottoman and some details. We will then contact you with the price during business hours. Easy.

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A Small Sample of the 45 colour options in Warwick Fabrics ‘Lomani’ Range.