Marine Re-Upholstery

Marine Re-upholstery

Marine re-upholstery needs careful attention. Each detail of the re-upholstery process requires specific materials. Starting with the thread. It has to be special marine thread; definitely not the same as thread used to sew indoor fabric. Being exposed to weather, chemicals, salt and more it still has to maintain durability. Hence, more expensive than standard thread.

Next is the foam. It needs to be high-quality marine exterior fast drying foam. Of course, this will be more expensive than indoor use foam.

The fabric is king for marine re-upholstery. We recommend Warwick Fabrics Lustrell Marine. This marine vinyl is available in ten colour options. This gives plenty of scope to find a colour or combination of colours to suit your taste. You may not own a super yacht like the one illustrated but your boat is ‘super’ to you. We appreciate that and take care to chose the best components starting from the thread to do a quality marine re-upholstery.

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