Lounge Suite Upholstery

Lounge Suite Upholstery

Our client needed new lounge suite upholstery. She was looking for a soft fabric and colour that wouldn’t date and quality fabric with good durability. She chose Warwick Fabrics Plush Petal.

It is actually a commercial grade fabric so it hits the mark for durability. If you have a busy family who has lots of visitors especially teenagers or young adults then a commercial grade fabric is ideal for new lounge suite upholstery. The Warwick Plush range has 35 colour options so you are spoiled for choice.

Regarding the price for commercial grade upholstery fabric, you need not worry that it is going way more expensive. Quite often they are the same price as domestic use upholstery fabric. That’s good news!

If you need new lounge suite upholstery, please call 0474 054 663 to request a quote. You are most welcome to submit a quote request online. This can be made any time convenient to you. Simply upload a couple of photos of your furniture and some details. We will then contact you with the price during business hours. Easy!

Lounge Suite Plush Petal
Lounge suite upholstered in Plush Petal from Warwick Fabrics.