Lounge Suite Re-Upholstery with Style

Lounge Suite Re-upholstery with Style

Our client was looking to have lounge suite re-upholstery with style and comfort. Style is all part of the package when it comes to re-upholstery. We were able to achieve that with the nailhead detailing. Set against a neutral fabric from Warwick Fabrics that will remain timeless, the nailhead trim really is a feature.

This attention to detail means you can achieve a custom lounge suite that you probably can’t get buying new. We recommend re-upholstering lounge suites that are structurally sound as they will serve you well for many years to come. At the point of re-upholstery, this is where we can add special features such as nailhead trim to customise your lounge suite.

Nailhead Trim on Lounge Suite

Lounge Suite Re-upholstery Nailhead Trim that adds custom style.

Lounge Suite Comfort

Style is one thing but comfort equates to luxury. After a busy day, it’s great to kick back on a comfy lounge suite to watch your favourite entertainment. We use hi-grade foam that has durability and so comfortable. The foam is wrapped in Dacron to prevent the foam from causing wear on the fabric. It’s this attention to detail that gives long-life to the fabric and foam.

If you would like to have lounge suite re-upholstery with style and comfort please contact us online where you can log a quote request any time convenient to you. Simply enter a few contact details and photos of the lounge suite you would like re-upholstered and we will contact you during business hours with the quote. Request a quote today!

More Examples of Lounge Suite Re-Upholstery With Style

When planning to have your lounge suite re-upholstered it’s good to see plenty of options. We have a lovely selection of beautiful lounge suites featuring Warwick Fabrics that will provide inspiration. Click here to see the range.