Vintage Lounge Suite

Vintage Lounge Suite…Now Modern

Vintage Lounge Suite… modern! This stunning lounge suite was reupholstered and the timber elements were re-polished as well. What once looked old and outdated is now on trend. With new foam as well as new upholstery, this gorgeous lounge has another 20+ years of life in her! The lounge suite was structurally sound and had been very well made in …

Hamptons Style Fabric

Hamptons Style Lounge Suite

Warwick Fabrics have designed the Montauk fabric range ideal for creating the Hamptons or Coastal decor style. Perfectly suited for Queensland. The designs are timeless, classic and have a soft texture with a natural feel. If you would like to reupholster your lounge suite to the Hamptons look please Contact us for a quote.

Mauritius Outdoor Fabric

Outdoor Furniture Upholstery

To make the transition from your indoor space to your outdoors seamless, you may like to give your outdoor furniture new upholstery. This will make both spaces feel more open and appealing to the eye. This ‘Mauritius’ Fabric Design by Warwick Fabrics highlights having a neutral base colour fabric on the lounge can be layered with splashes of colour in …

Upholstery Brisbane

Gorgeous Fabric on this Armchair

Our client chose this gorgeous fabric to bring this vintage armchair back to life. The frame of the armchair was in good condition so it was the right decision to reupholster it. The client supplied the fabric. We work with fabric suppliers such as Warwick Fabrics and the Wortley Group to provide a comprehensive range of fabrics. Of course, when …

Wingback Armchair

Wingback Armchair

A Wingback Armchair is a timeless piece. Our client felt that with new upholstery their beloved wingback armchair will be a favourite for many years to come. They chose a classic stripe fabric. The creative use of piping with the stripe fabric cut on the cross adds fine attention to detail. We have to agree, they made the right choice …

Tapestry Stools

Tapestry Stools

Our client adores needlework and expertly crafted these beautiful tapestries to adorn footstools. The tapestry work is secured to the stools by upholstery tacks which is not only practical, but decorative too. If you are planning to apply tapestry work to furniture, please allow an extra margin on all sides for the upholsterer to have material to adequately secure the …

Warwick Fabrics Cedric Design

Colour Splash with Warwick Fabrics

When updating your lounge suite and considering the colour choice, a neutral-toned lounge suite can be an ideal option. Colour can be added with an ottoman and an array of¬†scatter cushions.¬†When seasons change, simply swap out a few cushions to update the look. Warwick Fabrics Cedric Design showcases how a neutral lounge suite can be made to be a stunning …

Daintree by Warwick Fabrics

Daintree by Warwick Fabrics

Daintree by Warwick Fabrics is perfect for the Queensland lifestyle. The beautiful shade of green and the palm print evoke the essence of Queensland decor which is fresh, cool and relaxing. Whether your home is a classic Queenslander or a modern home, the ‘Daintree’ is a design that would suit both. It is casual elegance. If you would like a …

Neutral Tones By Warwick Fabrics

Neutral Tones by Warwick Fabrics

The neutral tones created by Warwick Fabrics in their ‘Amby’ range highlights the effectiveness of adding pattern in the cushions to a tub chair. It is a style that is pleasant and soothing to the eye. Perfect colour palette for a small room or a small area within a room such as a reading nook. You may have a tub …

Armchair upholstery with the wow factor.

Armchair Upholstery with ‘Wow’

This certainly is armchair upholstery with the ‘wow’ factor. Our client chose a fabulous print from Warwick Fabrics that took this vintage chair from dated to bang up to date. The timber elements of the chair were restored too, adding to the unique style of the chair. This armchair had some age to it and now with new top quality …