Kids Upholstered Chair

Kid’s Upholstered Chair Now so Comfy

A cute kid’s upholstered chair that has been beautifully refurbished and brought back to life. Clearly, this kid’s chair had seen better days and some would have been tempted to throw it away. Our client had the vision and sentiment to have the chair reupholstered in a soft blue fabric. With new foam applied, it is now a super comfy chair for a child.

Perhaps you have a chair that has been passed down through the family and you would like to have it restored to be a cute kid’s upholstered chair please contact us for a quote.

If you have any doubts whether it’s viable to reupholster a kid’s chair that may be the worse wear, please just us for our opinion. It’s free! What we look for is a structurally sound frame. How bad the upholstery and foam looks doesn’t matter one bit.

We service all of Brisbane for upholstery work so it doesn’t matter where you are located. Ask us for a quote today.