is it worth it re-upholstering

Is it Worth it Re-Upholstering? Yes!

We are often asked, ‘Is it worth it re-upholstering? Yes! Good quality furniture will always be worth reupholstering as it was built to last. A frame that’s solid and made of hardwood will be sturdy and thus worth refurbishing.

This is a more sustainable approach to furniture than buying new every time your fabric is damaged or worn out or you would simply like to update.

Low-quality furniture has a certain shelf life and it’s more cost effective to buy new.

Good Condition – Worth it Re-Upholstering

Our client’s lounge suite was structurally sound frame and in good condition making it ideal for re-upholstering. They chose a stylish Warwick Fabric in hints of neutral tones: black, grey, beige, off white. Because Warwick Fabrics are high quality, with reasonable care this lounge suite will last another 20-25 years.

After all, a beautifully re-upholstered lounge suite will look like a brand new lounge suite. We add hi-grade foam so it will definitely feel like a brand new lounge suite.

Quality Furniture Brands Worth Re-upholstering

If you have a high-quality lounge suite from some of these leading brands, Rosenstengel, Bell Brothers, Chiswell, Parker, Moran they are worth reupholstering. Also, your ethos maybe that you care what ends up in landfill. We support that ethos and we strongly encourage people to re-upholster quality furniture to protect the environment.

Contact Us for Re-upholstering Advice

If you are wondering is it worth it re-upholstering, please contact us today and we will happily offer our advice. Please call 0474 054 663 or contact us online where you can upload photos of your lounge suite and we will call you to discuss.