Heavy Commercial Grade Vinyl

Warwick Fabrics are our premier supplier of quality coverings especially for heavy grade commercial grade vinyl. Their Lustrell Commodore and Admiral boast a heavy commercial grading for Marine, Hospitality, Aged Care, Office, Medical and Educational environments.

The Lustrell ‘Admiral’ features a subtly embossed leather look finish, while the Lustrell ‘Commodore’ provides a structured small-scale woven look.

Key Specifications include:

  • Heavy Commercial
  • Stain and Water resistant
  • SUNDEC – Ultraviolet Resistant blocking agents, providing protection for over 650 hours of UV radiation
  • Fire Resistance tested
  • OnGuard Stain resistant
  • HealthGuard treated for antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal
  • Bleach Cleanable

For our commercial clients, this provides a cost-effective, high-grade vinyl that is aethestically pleasing yet so functional for purpose. The Lustrell Commodore and Admiral both come in 10 colour options.

If you are looking to re-upholster your commercial furniture, consider Warwick’s heavy grade commercial vinyl. Please contact us today on 3325 4714 to arrange a quote. Conveniently, you can log an inquiry via our website where you can upload you details and photos of the items you need re-upholstered. We will contact you promptly with a quote.