Hamptons Coastal Style

Hamptons-Coastal Style

With having ease of access to Australian coastline for living and leisure it’s no wonder that Hamptons-Coastal style has been so enthusiastically embraced for home decor. You may have spent a gorgeous holiday at the beach and you want to replicate that design aesthetic in your home. Equally, having a backyard pool surrounded by lush landscaping creates that coastal vibe.

The Australian made and designed Warwick Fabrics, ‘Daintree’ range of upholstery fabrics is ideal to reupholster your furniture to create the Hamptons-Coastal style. A key element of Hamptons-Coastal style is the use of neutral colours. They are soft and timeless. This allows the opportunity to add texture.

Hamptons is very synonymous with the colour blue. Warwick Fabrics have added a blue colourway to their Daintree collection called, ‘Sky’.

If your home has that indoor/outdoor design, then reupholstering your furniture in the Daintree range of fabrics would be ideal. It captures that relaxed feel with style that embodies indoor/outdoor style.

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If you would like us to provide a quote Hamptons-Coastal Style re-upholstery for please log anĀ inquiry online. Simply add a couple of photos of your furniture and your details and we will contact you during business hours. You are welcome to call on 0474 054 663