Grandfather Chair Upholstery

Grandfather Chair Upholstery

Our client was in need of new Grandfather Chair Upholstery and indeed a Grandmother chair as well.

What is a Grandfather Chair?

In period movies, where the scene is set with a gentleman hidden behind the broadsheet newspaper and cigar smoke wafting above it and he is seated in an oversized chair with deep buttoning. That’s a Grandfather or Gentleman’s Chair! They were certainly a feature chair in the room.

A grandfather chair is a term to describe a Victorian easy chair, with a deep button-backed and upholstered arms. The chair generally stands on short cabriole legs and has a wide balloon back. They can be noted for being larger in size for that extra comfort.

What is a Grandmother Chair?

A ladies chair or grandmother chair is a smaller version of a grandfather chair, but without arms.

Reupholstery Work to Both Chairs

The reupholstery work to both chairs was significant. The old fabric and foam was stripped from the chairs back to the frame. New webbing was applied underneath the seats ready for new foam to be applied there and the seat back. Now the skill of the upholsterer was ready to come to the fore.

Creating that feature deep buttoning on the backs of each chair is labour intensive and skilful. Our client chose a quality Warwick Fabric that contrasted beautifully with the timber frame. A fine braid to trim where the upholstery adjoined the timber frame brought the timber and fabric together.

Deep buttoning on the seat back of each chair certainly became the feature!

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