Feature Chair Re-Upholstered in Checks

Feature Chair Re-upholstered in Checks

There is something so comforting seeing a feature chair re-upholstered in checks. You can just picture yourself sitting in it feeling so comfy and relaxed. A good book and coffee and you’re set.

This feature chair has be re-upholstered in Warwick Fabrics ‘Bainbridge Denim‘. The Bainbridge selection comes in 14 colour ways. It is 70% wool and rated for commercial use so it is very durable and hard wearing.

If you would like your feature chair to be re-upholstered in checks or any one of Warwick Fabrics amazing fabrics please call today on 3325 4714. Also, you are welcome to contact us via our website where you can upload photos of your furniture and enter some details. From this, we can provide you a quote. So easy and next to no time involved. You can do this any time that suits you.