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Fabric Choice for Commercial Reupholstery

Fabric choice for commercial reupholstery needs careful consideration. It is key for several key reasons. Firstly, you want to choose a quality fabric, vinyl or leather for durability and value for money. Updating your interior decor is expensive and can be disruptive temporarily to the function of the business. So, you want things to last to minimise cost and disruption.

Secondly, matching corporate colours can be high on the list too. Quality and colours are important to a brand’s integrity and consistency. We work with major commercial fabric suppliers such as Warwick Fabrics and Wortley Group who, combined have a significant fabric selection. More than likely, we can match your corporate colours and there is no doubt these suppliers deliver quality coverings.

Featured here is the Warwick Fabrics, ‘Lustrell Glitz’ designed for heavy commercial use in a hotel setting. It highlights that top quality with durability and standout colours make a statement setting. If you would like a quote for commercial reupholstery in your venue or premise, please call today on 3325 4717. You are welcome to log an inquiry via our website.