Warwick Fabrics Maharaja Indigo for Chaise Lounge Upholstery Ideas

Stunning Chaise Lounge Upholstery Ideas

You may be looking for chaise lounge upholstery ideas to have yours re-upholstered. Here is one stunning idea that our client chose. Using Maharaja Indigo from Warwick Fabrics, this stunning fabric transformed this chaise lounge.

It went from traditional to bold and stunning. A true statement furniture piece. Whilst velvet is often the fabric of choice for a chaise lounge, our client’s choice of a bold, pattern fabric proves you can opt for an amazing chaise lounge upholstery idea.

The Maharaja Fabric is available in six colour ways. This gives you plenty of choice to find a colour that best suits your decor. However, Indigo seems to be a popular choice. Another client also this colour way for her Vintage Armchair. We re-upholstered the chair and polished the timber elements.

Placement of Chaise Lounge

If making the chaise lounge the focal point, then include it with the room’s main seating area. It becomes a beautiful accent piece in a larger room.

Often chaise lounges are placed in a corner. This provides the opportunity to create a vignette around it with a side table, books, floor lamp or a rug. Placing a rug in a contrasting colour or striking pattern can sharpen the focus to it.

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If you would like us to provide chaise lounge upholstery ideas for you please log an inquiry online. Simply add a couple of photos of your chaise lounge and your details and we will contact you during business hours. You are welcome to call on 3325 4714