Antique Louis Armchair Reupholstered

Beautiful Antique Furniture Upholstery

Antique furniture upholstery is one of our specialties. This stunning Antique Louis Armchair reupholstered in velvet fabric has been beautifully restored. We only use fabric from leading upholstery fabric suppliers such as Warwick Fabrics. Deep buttoning gives that added luxury to this chair.

Brought back to its former glory, this gorgeous Antique Louis Armchair now has pride of place in our client’s home.

To protect it, the fabric on the chair was Scotch Guarded. This is a free service we provide our clients.
Also, we provide a warranty on our workmanship. For your convenience, we provide pick-up and delivery to your home.

Antique Furniture Upholstery and Timber Elements

We have a highly experienced French Polisher as part of the team to restore timber elements on your antique furniture. So not only we can beautifully upholster your antique furniture we can restore the timer elements.

Please contact us to reupholster your antique or vintage Louis armchairs.